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Currently working on several new musical projects in London, Nashville and New York.

Her produced theatre works include, Sweet Potato Queens, the Musical, written with Grammy winning Melissa Manchester and Tony Award-winning Rupert Holmes; Fighting Star, which ran in Finland; HATS, the Musical, and BREATHE, a musical by Jodi Piccoult and Tim McDonald, which was filmed and performed at the Ninety Second Street Y in New York in 2021, (this work has recently been installed in the U.S. Library of Congress).

Works in progress: 

CRUMBS, a one-woman musical with Madeline Stone. 

BYE BYE LOVE, a new musical with Desmond Child and Carolyn Bryant

The Sweet Potato Queens

Sharon Vaughn - composer/lyricist

Melissa Manchester - composer/lyricist

The Sweet Potato Queens is a high-powered musical that tells the story of Jill and her closest friends and how they learn to grab life by the sequins, feathers, and tiaras to live their lives on their own terms. 

Sweet Potato Queen

Photo by Clifford Pugh


Sharon Vaughn - composer/lyricist 

Doug Besterman - composer/lyricist

Written as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, Breathe follows five couples grappling with the virus’s impact on their lives, families, relationships, society, and health. Ranging from lighthearted to heartbreaking, unbelievable and all-too-real, these vignettes tackle everything from parenting in COVID, to Black Lives Matter protests, to saying goodbye to a spouse via Zoom.

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